A new arrival, Sift Heads World 9 has been released with a new story line and more missions for you to take on.

Vinnie is back with his crew; Kiro and Shorty, ready to remove scum from the surface of the earth.

Sift Heads World 9

You play as Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty, however you can freely choose which of the characters you want to work the most with, and they all got their own ways of assassination. So either you like sniping or close range shooting, Sift Heads World 9 will provide an entertaining game play with both humoristic and stressing moments.

For those who have played one, or more, of the previous eight games in the series will immediately recognize the graphics; stickmen inspired drawings and black and white background colors. The mix between the colors, graphics, sound effects and background music really creates that assassin effect, which the game is all about. The artificial intelligence will sometimes give you a hard time as your opponents will become more powerful and smart throughout the game, and you'll meet characters that have been important since the first game!

In order for you to save your progress you need a free profile which you can register in-game. The profile will also give you detailed gaming history from both Sift Heads World 9 and all the previous games if you've played any of them. If you've registered an account in an earlier episode you can continue to use that same account as well.